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Latinamerica, the Caribbean, Europe, USA and Canada:


Africa, Asia, Meadle East, UAE, Australia, New Zeland:


Industrial automation, power electronics and drives

  • AEG Logistat PLCs & Drives
  • ALSPA PLCs, Drives and Soft Starters
  • CEGELEC / CGEE PLCs & Drives
  • ALSTOM / CONVERTEAM / GE PowerConversion Drives
  • Modicon/ Schneider PLCs & Drives
  • Siemens PLCs & Drives
  • HMI & SCADA Software
  • SCADA and PLC programming, engineering, commissioning services and technical assistance

    Level and flow control equipment used in open channels and reservoirs

  • HYDROSTEC / ALSTOM Water Business products and services
  • Level control gates
  • Valves
  • Baffle distributors
  • Flow dividers

    Flow control and pressure control equipment in pressurized systems

  • Self centering disc obturator
  • Self centering disc valves
  • Quick closing non-return valves
  • Multijet control valves
  • HYDRAMER© Reservoirs With Bladder for Water Hammer Protection
  • Bladder Surge Vessels
  • Water Hammer Arresters

    For organizational reasons and for better management of offers, quotation requests sent by fax will not be taken into account.