Hydrostec Hydromechanical equipment
CONVERTEAM variable speed drives
Self-operated control valves and air purge valves
Water, Irrigation, Flood Control, Waste water, Drainage and Sewage

We offer a complete range of components and services for water and waste water treatment plants, effluent treatment, water pipelines, pumping stations, control of floods, irrigation systems and other infrastructure works.

Our scope of supply covers the mechanical components of the world leading companies in this market and the engineering services associated with the works, including hydraulic consultancy, turnkey automation and control projects, SCADA systems and electrical works.

We sell equipment of:

  • Hydrostec (formerly ALSTOM Water Business of Brazil), which manufactures in its plants located in Brazil, equipment for pumping and control of water supply.

  • CONVERTEAM(former 'PSC' sector of ALSTOM, today GE PowerConversion), with facilities in Europe, supplier of variable speed drives and electronic power systems.

  • World leading manufacturers in the market of automatic control self-operated hydraulics valves, air purge valves and water hammer arresters.

    Power plants

    From our offices in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, ALSINTEC offers a complete range of services for power generation and distribution works

    Our offer includes the supply of engineering and commissioning support for conventional, thermosolar and nuclear power plants, the supply of instrumentation, automation and control equipment and training courses in the most modern technologies.


    As construction contractors and system integrators, ALSINTEC knows the processes involved in a project, from its conception to its reception and subsequent maintenance. We have the idenoity and technical-commercial capacity to take charge of:

  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Assmebly, erection, construction, installation and commissioning
  • Site management
  • Tecnical assistance on site
  • Tecnical supervision and inspection on site
  • Techincal services during plant shut-down
  • Maintenance
  • Procurement and purchasing logistics
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Preparation and evaluation of offers
  • Technical teams during project development and commissioning
  • Personnel training
  • Technical translations between German, French, English & Spanish of user guides, application notes, technical specifications, data sheets, operating and maintenance manuals and norms.