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With more than 100 years of experience in installed drive power, CONVERTEAM, formerly ALSTOM Power Conversion, now GE Power Conversion, is a recognised leader in the industry, providing reliable high-quality drives- produced at advanced manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States- for all industrial sectors in most countries of the world.

In November 2005, the ALSTOM Power Conversion division became Converteam. As a technology leader in the field of electrical energy conversion, with more than 3300 employees and an active presence in more than 80 countries, the new company became one of the key players in the industry and marine markets. In March 2011, GE Power acquired the majority stake of Converteam and integrates its operations in his GE Power Conversion division.

The broad product line ranges from simple off-the-shelf low voltage drives at only 0.25kW, up to the largest available engineered drives of over 100MW. And, because the company incorporates its own drives into other manufactured equipment and systems, years of user experience have guided the development of every one.

For systems integrators, who need high-quality drive components to build into their own drive solutions, CONVERTEAM range of drives also includes low voltage drive modules, inverters, and rectifiers up to 3.6MW. From simple to complex requirements from 200V fans or pump drives of a few kilowatts, to large conveyor drives with sinusoidal current return to the mains supply, to a medium voltage drive up to10kV output without any transformer- CONVERTEAM drive range provides the solution. And for special drive applications, customised products and solutions are available on request.

Nowadays, our scope of supply is limited mainly to spare parts for the installed base, including original and OEM parts manufactured under ALSTOM, Convertema and/or GE licence.

Standard Equipment

  • DC drives from 7.5kW to 25MW (customised drives above 750kW)
  • AC drives for low voltage induction motors from 0.25kVA to 5MVA
  • AC drives for medium voltage induction motors from 300kVA to 25MVA
  • AC drives for synchronous or wound rotor motors from 0.25kW to 100MVA
  • Cement mills, crushers
  • Compressors
  • Pumping systems
  • Conveyors
  • Cranes
  • Extruders, mixers
  • Fans
  • Machine tools
  • Marine propulsion
  • Metal rolling mills
  • Mine hoists
  • Paper making
  • Presses
  • Process lines
  • Rolling roads
  • Test benches
  • Wind tunnels
  • Wind turbines

AC Drives - ALSPA Series MVxxx and MV Delta

ALSPA drive range drives solutions
Drives catalogue
ALSPA Drives and Soft Starters

ALSPA MV3000 and MV Delta

ALSPA MV3000 is a range of compact variable speed AC drives covering the majority of industrial applications from general purpose machinery to high performance process lines. Ranging from 22kW to 3.6MW, ALSPA MV3000 offers a choice of control modes including:

  • Variable Voltage Frequency Control
  • Open Loop Flux Vector Control (encoderless)
  • Closed Loop Flux Vector Control (with encoder)

    Building on the success of ALSPA GD3000E and ALSPA MD2000, the ALSPA MV3000 combines the functions of both into one package and adds further impressive features making it the choice for all variable speed drive users - no matter what the applications.
    Up to 315kW, the ALSPA MV3000 is in chassis unit format using the MicroCubicle™ concept. MicroCubicle™ means:

  • everything is front accessible
  • room inside the unit for application specific enhancements
  • bookcase format and side by side mounting for maximum packing density

    The Drive Data Manager™ redefines the keypad concept with menu navigation, on-line help, quick start and instrumentation facilities all wrapped up in an ergonomic design with a large, easy to read display

    From 315kW to 3,600kW, ALSPA MV3000 is available in DELTA format. DELTA format drives can be supplied either as a kit of parts ready for building into a cubicle or as a completely built and tested package ready for site installation. DELTA format drives are modular in construction. They use the same control system, Drive Data Manager™ as the ALSPA MV3000 chassis units. These are combined with up to 6 DELTA inverter modules running in parallel.
    DELTA format MV3000 is available air cooled from 300kW to 1,800kW or liquid cooled from 600kW to 3,600kW.

    ALSPA MV3000 - Compact Drives in stock to replace installed equipment

  • MV3144A6A1
  • MV3156A5A1
  • MV3242A6A1
  • MV3077A5A1
  • MV3124A5A1
  • MV3336A6A1
  • MV3566A4A1
  • MV3DB061S6
  • MV3DB246S6
  • MV3071A4A1
  • MV3140A4A1

    Air Cooled ALSPA MV3000 Delta - Spare parts in stock to support the installed base

  • DELTA Controller
  • Rectifier Modules
  • Power Modules
  • Switching power supply (SMPS)
  • Fans
  • Power Supply monitoring
  • Drive Data Manager™
  • Ethernet communication modules
  • cables

  • MVD300-4601
  • MVR1600-4601
  • GDR1168-4601
  • GDR1168-4401
  • MVD377-4501
  • MVD300-4601
  • MVDL643-4701
  • 31V690/10
  • GDR872-4601
  • 31V5500/10
  • 31V5200/10

    Air cooled ALSPA MV3000 Delta - Spare partes and replacement modules in stock to support or update the installed base

  • GDB400‐4705‐A
  • LSR‐HCF‐575‐01
  • LSR‐REA‐500‐01
  • MVC3001‐3024
  • MVC3001‐3043
  • MVC3001‐4003SC
  • MVC3002‐4001‐A
  • MVC3003‐4001
  • MVC3003‐4002
  • MVC3003‐4003
  • MVC3003‐4025
  • MVC3003‐4030
  • MVC3006‐3003‐99
  • MVC3006‐4003
  • MVC3006‐4005/6
  • MVC3014‐4001
  • MVD300‐3702‐A
  • MVD500‐4501‐A
  • MVD500‐4701‐A
  • MVR1600‐4601‐A
  • MVS3000‐4001
  • MVS3001‐4001
  • MVS3012‐4001
  • MVS3012‐4002
  • MVS3020‐4006....4030
  • PED500‐4501‐A
  • PED500‐4701‐A

    Liquid cooled ALSPA MV3000 Delta - Spare partes and replacement modules in stock to support or update the installed base

  • MVDL1000‐47931001
  • MVDL1000‐57931101‐A
  • MVDL1000‐47931101‐A
  • MVDL800‐47931101
  • MVDL800‐47941101
  • MVRL2100‐4601‐A
  • PEDL1000‐57931101‐A
  • PEDL1000‐57931101‐REMAN
  • PEDL1000‐57931101‐REMAN‐S
  • PEDL800‐47932010‐A
  • PEDL800‐47932010‐REMAN
  • PEDL800‐47932010‐REMAN‐S

    Data Sheet
    Buyers Guide
    Active energy management

    AC Drives - LV7000 Family

    The LV7000 family comprises compact and high performance drives. The key design feature is the software and hardware modularity. Two types of control are available – the standard sensor-less vector control and the closed loop flux vector control for more demanding applications. LV7000-1 is a space-saving compact drive whereas the LV7000-2 and 3 is a high-performance drive combined with powerful support for various software applications. In addition to the standard I/O in the basic drive, there is room for option cards with more I/O, fieldbus cards or additional application specific hardware. The option cards can be used in all three drive types: one option card in the LV7000-1 to expand the basic drive, and up to five option cards in the LV7000-2 and 3 to create the necessary configuration for your application.

    The drives are easy to program and use via the keypad. The keypad can easily be removed for hand held use or door mounting. The LV7000-1 has a detachable, seven-segment LCD keypad without memory capabilities. It is used to communicate with the drive, set parameters and for monitoring. The LV7000-2 and 3 have a detachable, alpha-numeric keypad with built-in memory. In addition it can be used to copy parameters between different drives and storage of the active parameters for future use.

    All Converteam LV7000-2 and LV7000-3 drives are delivered with the All in One application package, a selection of pre-installed applications. An application is a predefined set of parameters and functions, designed for a specific purpose. When you choose the application that corresponds to your requirements, the drive will be easy to set up. All required parameters are available, but the parameters which are not needed in the specific application, will be hidden. For each application there is a start-up wizard that will guide you through the start-up process and parameter settings. The drive is also capable of identifying motor parameters, further easing the start-up.
    All applications support fieldbuses. The application that best fits your needs can be chosen from the following:

    • Basic application
    • Standard application
    • Local/remote application
    • Multi-step speed control application
    • PID control application
    • Multi-purpose control application
    • Pump and fan control with autochange
    • Customized applications
    The LV7000 family may be used for the replacement of MV500, MV1000 and MV3000 drives that had been transitioned to obsolete.


    The compact size and flexible installation options make the LV7000-1 suitable for installations where space is at a premium. The small MF2 and MF3 frames can be mounted using a DIN rail either at the back or at the side of the drive; the larger MF4-MF6 frames are wall mounted.

    The LV7000-1 includes an easy-to-use and flexible multi-control application. The need for parameter adjustments is kept to a minimum, thanks to well-defined default settings. All I/Os can be programmed. The versatile features include full motor protection, flying start function, sleep function and a PID controller, with the possibility to control 3+1 pumps (PFC). The bookshelf design, the enclosure options and EMC classes offer an optimal solution for all operating environments.

    • Steady state speed error less than 1%
    • Low torque ripple
    • High immunity to resonance vibrations
    • Starting torque > 200% depending on motor and drive sizing
    • Suitable for multi-motor applications
    • Single Phase models: 208-240VCA / 0.25-1.5kW
    • 3 Phase models: 380-500VCA / 0.37-30kW
    Data-Sheet LV7000-1
    Technical Data LV7000 Family


    The LV7000-2 is designed to be a standard, easytouse drive with a wide application area. It is based on an advanced sensorless vector control concept, which gives a very good motor control under all circumstances. An automatic torque maximizer feature is available, ensuring that all loads can be started reliably. It also includes an automatic energy saving feature, which optimizes the motor flux as a function of motor load and speed. The basic drive operation is also suitable for multi-motor applications.

    • Steady state speed error less than 1%
    • Low torque ripple
    • High immunity to resonance vibrations
    • Starting torque > 200% depending on motor and drive sizing
    • Suitable for multi-motor applications
    • High-speed applications (up to 7200 Hz) possible
    • mains voltage from 208 VAC to 690 VAC, power up to 2 MW
    Data-Sheet LV7000-2
    Technical Data LV7000 Family


    The LV7000-3 is used in all cases where a very high precision of speed and torque under all circumstances are required. Equipped with high processing power, the LV7000-3 can use information from an encoder or a resolver in order to provide very precise motor control. Sensorless vector and normal U/f control are also supported. Typical applications requiring high performance are:

    • master-slave drives
    • positioning applications
    • winder tension control
    • and synchronization
    • Speed error less than 0.01%, depending on the encoder
    • Incremental or absolute encoder support
    • Encoder voltages of 5 V (RS422), 15 V or 24 V, depending on the option card
    • Full torque control at all speeds, including zero
    • Torque accuracy less than 2%; less than 5% down to zero speed
    • Starting torque > 200%, depending on motor and drive sizing
    • Full capability for master/slave configurations
    • Integrated data logger for system analysis
    • Fast multiple drive monitoring with PC
    • High-speed bus (12 Mbit/s) for fast inter-drive communication
    • High-speed applications possible
    • same ranges as LV7000-2 model
    Data-sheet LV7000-3
    Technical Data LV7000 Family

    ALSPA MV500

    Obsolete, no spare parts available
    Replaced with the LV7000 Drives family

    The ALSPA MV500 range of low power drives brings reductions in both cost and complexity. No drives knowledge is required to install and use this drive in most applications. The drive offers ease of operation with only 10 parameter settings required for most applications.

    • power from 0.25 KW to 15 KW
    • nominal output current from 1.5 A to 30.5 A
    • one control card with 2 processors
    • a 2-wire RS485 serial link networking options: Profibus, Modbus + Interbus S, DeviceNet, CAN digital or analog I/O
    • single or three-phase power supply: 200-240 V or 380-480V
    MV500 Data-Sheet
    MV500 User Guide
    MV500 Advanced user guide

    ALSPA MV1000

    Obsolete, no spare parts available.
    Replaced with the LV7000 Drives family

    Intelligent drive technology from 0.75 kW up to 45 kW. ALSPA MV1000 complements our well-known ALSPA MD2000 series in the lower power range while using the same software and user-interface. The versatile hardware and software in the MV1000 allows special solutions, making drive technology more flexible. The series is equipped with many integral freely configurable facilities. Custom application software is created by our engineers using the LogiCAD project design tool.
    The drive is an inverter suitable for any drive configuration in single or multiple motor systems. Four-quadrant operation is possible with DC-braking including mains generation.

    MV1000 - Data-sheet
    MV1000 Operating Manual
    MV1000 Quick start programming guide

    ALSPA DC Drives


    Obsolete, no spare part available. Please, ask for replacement.

    V/WNTC is the latest family of advanced, micro-processor controlled DC variable speed drives. The range of output current is from 25 A to 1850 A. All sizes share control, monitoring, protection and serial communications. All are available in either 'single-quadrant' or 'four-quadrant' configuration. Single-quadrant drives provide forward run operation only. Four-quadrant drives are fully-reversible. Both types offer comprehensive control of motor speed and/or torque.

    Data-Sheet WNTC/VNTC

    AEG Drives

    Obsolete, no spare parts available - Please, ask for replacements.

    Microverter / Microverter D

    Analog Voltage source inverter.
    Replacement parts and service are not available.
    Documents are available only as paper copies. Please contact us for more information.


    A small DC converter with a rating between 0.68kW and 4.5kW
    Replacement parts and service are not available.
    Documents are available only as paper copies. Please contact us for more information.

    Minisemi / Minisemi D

    Analog and digital DC converter rated from 18kW to 660kW
    Replacement parts and service are not available.
    Documents are available only as paper copies. Please contact us for more information.


    Analog DC converter
    Replacement parts and service are not available.


    Cubicalised DC converter with ratings from 388kW to 3120kW
    Replacement parts and service are not available.
    Documents are available only as paper copies. Please contact us for more information.


    Obsolete, spare parts only available for supporting of installed base

    ALSPA 80-35

    With small, medium and high powered CPUs and a full range of network options, the ALSPA C80-35 creates a compact, easy to use control system that can be matched closely to the needs of the application.

    • 128 to 4096 I/O
    • 6kB to 256 kB memory
    • Single and dual redundant configurations
    • Local, distributed or remote I/Operating
    • Ladder diagram, SFC, Function Block, and ''C'' Languages
    Several control programs with different scan times can be processed in parallel on one or more processor boards.

    ALSPA C80-35 Data-Sheet
    ALSPA C80-35 Programming Manual

    Remote I/O CE80-20

    In many control systems, the controlled plant is spread out over a wide area. The ALSPA CE80-20 distributed I/O system allows the input/output units to be located with the controlled plant, saving on cabling and physical space.

    • DIN rail mounted
    • Integral terminal block
    • Hot swap option
    • ALSPA F8000, ALSPA N80 and Profibus-DP networking
    Communications CE80-20
    Bus WorldFIP CE80-20

    ALSPA CE80-35

    For applications requiring a large number of I/O in a single location, the ALSPA CE80-35 provides a compace, space-saving solution.

    • High density I/O modules
    • Up to 320 I/O on a single base plate
    • ALSPA F8000 networking
    • Time stamping features (10 mS)