ALSINTEC's capabilities transcend borders.
Our international strategy is based on the following facts:

We offer two types of products / services:

  1. Development of complete projects or by parts

  2. The quotation is by global closed price.

  3. Carrying out project development tasks, installation, commissioning, on-site

  4. The services can be quoted by administration, according to each case, with all the expenses included (working hours, mobility, living expenses)

How to contact us

Argentina, South and Central America and the Caribbean
Buenos Aires Regional Office
Phone: (+54 11) 4704-9434

Spain, Portugal and the rest of Europe
Sucurslal en España
Barcelona Regional Office
Av. Diagonal 468 - 6 °A
08006 Barcelona

Phone Nr.: (+34 93) 415 2299

by e-mail:

For organizational reasons and for better management of offers, quotation requests sent by fax will not be taken into account.